Vanpool Program

Welcome to the San Bernardino Regional Vanpool Program, funded and operated by VVTA!

VVTA has secured a federal grant to jump start an ongoing, vanpool subsidy program for vanpools that originate or terminate in the greater Victor Valley. Qualified vanpools will receive up to $400 per month, on an ongoing basis, to help defray the costs of this alternative commuting mode. This monthly subsidy is provided for the entire vanpool and is not provided to the individual participants. Only the vanpool leaseholder may apply for the subsidy and upon approval, the subsidy reduces the cost of the monthly lease. Read on for more information about this exciting new program! Vanpools must meet all program rules and guidelines to qualify for the program subsidy. VVTA staff makes the decision regarding which applications are approved, as well as which monthly subsidies will be approved for payment.


Why Vanpool?

  • Vanpools are a comfortable, cost-effective, and convenient way for groups of seven to 15 people to share their ride to work. Vanpools reduce stress, help the environment, and save you money.


How to Vanpool

  • You or your employer can lease a vehicle through one of the VVTA contracted vanpool vendors and receive up to $400 per month to help offset the cost of the lease. Through our contracted vendors, Enterprise Rideshare and vRide, vanpool drivers are offered month-to-month leases on passenger vans that include maintenance, roadside assistance, and insurance costs. Drivers have access to the van after work hours and can even log personal miles.


Getting Started

  • Get started with at least five (5) commuters ready to share the ride and save. Whether just starting a vanpool or a vanpool group already on the road - both new and existing vanpool groups with a valid vanpool leasing agency agreement are eligible to participate in the Vanpool Program. Get started today by using the VVTA tools below, or by viewing the list of available vanpool seats.


News and Materials

  • A trifold brochure that promotes the program is now available for download in both English and Spanish.
  • A one page fact sheet that summarizes the program is available for download to distribute to employees or interested parties.
  • The Vanpool Program is in the news! Follow these links for articles and newsletters promoting the program:
  • - CommuteSmart News (go to page 3) - December 2012

    - IECS faxed out a flyer to area employers announcing the program - November 2012

    - Victor Valley Daily Press Article about the Federal Grant Award to jump start the program - December 21, 2011


Program Guidelines

  • The Program is currently providing subsidies for vanpools that originate or terminate in the greater Victor Valley Area, which also includes Barstow and its surrounding communities. We hope that in the future the program will expand to cover origins and destinations in other parts of San Bernardino County, but currently the Program is only funded for the Greater Victor Valley area. Please refer to the Program Guidelines, the FAQs for Interested Participants, and the Vanpool Application Step-By-Step Guide.


Application Process


Leasing Agencies and Pricing


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Step-by-Step Guides

  • Refer to this FAQ to learn more about VVTA's online vanpool application and reporting system, iVanpool. This document especially assists those vanpools that have been participating in the VVTA program and are transitioning to this new online database and reporting system.
  • If VVTA has accepted your vanpool and the subsidy has or will be starting, this FAQ responds to questions about program requirements and this Step-By-Step Guide for Vanpool Participants instructs you on reporting and other submittals.

  • is a simple and secure way to find vanpool partners online. It’s a database of thousands of commuters – friends, neighbors, and colleagues who live and work near you – looking for vanpool partners as you are. The Ridematch database will help you make the connection quickly and easily. Click here to get your free, personalized list of potential vanpool partners and register today.


Guaranteed Ride Home

  • You will never be stranded with the Guaranteed Ride Home program. For eligible participants, Guaranteed Ride Home ensures that you’ll be able to get home in case of an emergency or unscheduled overtime. For program guidelines and enrollment information, click here.


Park and Ride Lots

  • Conveniently located throughout the region, Park and Ride lots are most often free of charge and a great place to meet your vanpool. Visit the interactive Park and Ride lot website to find a lot near you.

For information on the VVTA Vanpool Program, call 760.995.3561 or email For information on other vanpool incentives/subsidies or general rideshare information, call 511 and press or say "5" and you will be transferred to a rideshare specialist.
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